Kayaking Adventures: Marvels of Nature part II

Kayaking Adventures: Marvels of Nature part II

I thought I would share something I wrote a while back. As I stated on one of my Instagram photographs, growing up in a household practicing two faiths allows me to see things from a different perspective. So, I tend to put a lot of my beliefs into what I try to capture, portray and share with everyone.

Kneeling down before my soul

do I pray, do I pray, do I pray

Please show passion upon the scared.

Please teach the lesson.

do I pray, do I pray, do I pray

Please keep holding my hand.

Please show truth.

do I pray, do I pray, do I pray

Please guide my light as always

Please make the light burn

do I pray, do I pray, do I pray

Kneeling down before my soul


This is me kayaking the other day in the Atlantic waters taking photographs of the oceanfront surf breaking off the jetty and trying to capture that moment when the spray rips away off the lip of the curl/tube, just before it breaks.  The air temperature was around 68-70 degrees, with a slight breeze of 8-10 knots, the water temperature was around 53 degrees. (If you go out on the water during the fall or winter months, ALWAYS prepare and use gear for the water temperatures and not the air temperatures. Your safety should be your number one priority no matter what.)

The spray of the water coming off of the ocean was a gentle mist; I always remind myself that we are at the mercy of the ocean and respect is to be shown. The swell was around 3 to 4 feet, and 5 to 7 feet at the break, which had the power to crush my 9 foot kayak into the jetty like a train hitting a car if I didn’t show respect.

Then I heard what sounded like a soda bottle releasing its contents after being shaken less than 15 feet away from my starboard side. A Dolphin surfaced and blew water out of the blowhole. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, a school of Dolphins appeared, swimming past my kayak, leaving me just sitting there in awe.

I was very comfortable around these amazing and intelligent marine mammals. I look at the environment and 90% of the time I am in a state of awe with what I see and this again was no exception. I get to see things that a majority of people do not get a chance to see, so I take pictures to share these moments.

Thank you and see you at the next post.


Author: The Ordinary Compass

Hello and welcome to this collection of anecdotes from my years of ordinary moments and timeless memories. I try to share a positive message, as well as lessons learned which have helped me appreciate life. Sometimes, all it takes is a simple (positive) gesture. I write in the hope that I can make a difference and you as the reader will also see the possibilities that surround you, and as well that the little things do make a big difference. I’m originally from New Jersey, have traveled and lived on both the east and west coasts, and have happily been a Virginia resident for more than ten years. I have been married for over ten years; my wife is my anchor and has kept my compass correct. I have always been an individual who likes the outdoors. I like taking my time to think about the outcomes of situations. I enjoy philosophy and love science. I am no stranger to high adrenaline activities and love everything that revolves around water. Thank you for stopping by and feel free to comment, re-blog (with credit), or just read along! –Robert Konz. The Ordinary Compass: Original photographs and writings are the copyright and property of Robert Konz, and may not be used without permission.

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