The Macro Classroom

The Macro Classroom

When I am photographing bees or different types of insects gathering nectar, it’s not out of the ordinary to have a few of them crawling on you as you’re taking their picture. With most of these particular shots, my camera lens is around one or two inches from the focal point, so having a reverent appreciation for their habitat and recognizing the dangers help out with being in such close proximity to nature’s miracles. With every organism there are inherit dangers, so when working closely with bees just keep in mind they may sting you out of defense.

With each of these photographs my preference is my Rebel T-5 camera with an 18-55mm lens and a XIT Pro Series Macro attachment lens. I enjoy trying to get the most in-depth angles achievable, when I am involved with macro shooting. The smallest detail can make a picture really stick out – i.e., a water droplet, or a clump of pollen that may have accumulated on the bees tiny little hairs from crawling over the flower.

I am used to having these little insects crawling on me; it just goes with the territory of taking their portraits. So, I just keep clicking away as they buzz around and meander up and down my arms.  Until the colder weather truly arrives, the bees will continue collecting their nectar and the flowers will continue to show life, allowing me to continue practicing my photography.

See you in the next post!


Author: The Ordinary Compass

Hello and welcome to this collection of anecdotes from my years of ordinary moments and timeless memories. I try to share a positive message, as well as lessons learned which have helped me appreciate life. Sometimes, all it takes is a simple (positive) gesture. I write in the hope that I can make a difference and you as the reader will also see the possibilities that surround you, and as well that the little things do make a big difference. I’m originally from New Jersey, have traveled and lived on both the east and west coasts, and have happily been a Virginia resident for more than ten years. I have been married for over ten years; my wife is my anchor and has kept my compass correct. I have always been an individual who likes the outdoors. I like taking my time to think about the outcomes of situations. I enjoy philosophy and love science. I am no stranger to high adrenaline activities and love everything that revolves around water. Thank you for stopping by and feel free to comment, re-blog (with credit), or just read along! –Robert Konz. The Ordinary Compass: Original photographs and writings are the copyright and property of Robert Konz, and may not be used without permission.

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