Single string of entertainment

Single string of entertainment

It’s a beautiful day out; work is finished for the day, and I head to a public park. The wind is just perfect for kite flying and I just added 500 feet of 550pnd test cord on my kite and I am eager to try it out. It is always intriguing how flying a kite attracts a crowd; it is kind of fascinating to watch a kite “flying” and dancing around. It’s a peaceful, nonviolent, relaxing, and a quiet activity to entertain oneself. Plus it’s a workout. Reeling in a kite from just below 500 feet takes time, forearm muscle, and a lot of controlled breathing. Hell, it’s not like I am shooting rockets up into the air, or flying remote control planes or something. Not that those activities wouldn’t be fun, but those types of hobbies are meant for specific designated areas and have certain criteria for air space. I am just flying a kite. Plus the birds seem to enjoy it.

Now there is nothing special about this kite, it’s not a power foil, or a body kite, but just a simple sled kite. This was the perfect kite for this particular park or any park for that matter as long as you have no power lines, trees, or objects that would pose a danger to yourself or anyone. So, I am flying my kite, enjoying my personal time in the middle of a field away from everyone. (A few hundred acres) I have my lunch, water bottles, and I am listening to music as I watch this marvelous invention up in the sky. I see cars pulling into the park wanting to see the kite; I notice cars slowing down to take a glance, and I notice families enjoying the site and some even go and get there kites to fly. This to me was awesome to see families flying kites together in the park. That is the purpose of a park, is it not? (Community) A public park is something that the tax payers paid for, so they as citizens can enjoy themselves away from their hectic lives. And, after all, most public parks are free, and offer a great opportunity for a family to enjoy the outdoors.  A simple and fantastic concept if I do say so myself.

So, I am flying my kite and I see a park employee’s car race up and park; then that individual walks briskly towards me, without a greeting, and peppers me with questions regarding why I am flying a kite in a public park…. About an hour later, another park representative approaches, and asks more questions. In my mind, I’m laughing; however, in reality, it was offensive to be asked, repeatedly, why I opted to fly a kite in a public park. Hmm?  The interesting component is that none of the other kite flyers received similar questions. I guess this kite was a nuisance! When a third park employee approached, I really had had enough, and could not resist asking a question, “I guess it’s not too busy today?” The reply: “No, you’re my only action I received today.” Action? What a great use of this term! I wanted to laugh, but I remained respectful, offering the same response as to the previous two individuals – a handshake and a “good day” parting.

So, I continued flying my kite for about another hour or so and I decided to leave. Looking back, I think I should have stayed longer… Maybe more park officials would have paid me a visit….


See you in the next post!


Author: The Ordinary Compass

Hello and welcome to this collection of anecdotes from my years of ordinary moments and timeless memories. I try to share a positive message, as well as lessons learned which have helped me appreciate life. Sometimes, all it takes is a simple (positive) gesture. I write in the hope that I can make a difference and you as the reader will also see the possibilities that surround you, and as well that the little things do make a big difference. I’m originally from New Jersey, have traveled and lived on both the east and west coasts, and have happily been a Virginia resident for more than ten years. I have been married for over ten years; my wife is my anchor and has kept my compass correct. I have always been an individual who likes the outdoors. I like taking my time to think about the outcomes of situations. I enjoy philosophy and love science. I am no stranger to high adrenaline activities and love everything that revolves around water. Thank you for stopping by and feel free to comment, re-blog (with credit), or just read along! –Robert Konz. The Ordinary Compass: Original photographs and writings are the copyright and property of Robert Konz, and may not be used without permission.

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