The privilege of being the next President of the United States:

So, I never touch politics, and there is a good reason for it because everyone has an opinion and everyone is always right. Plus I have better things to do with my time and energy then to deal with the clash of egos. So, I will continue living in my little world with my wife and take each day as it comes.

Since Obama’s second term is coming to an end, there is a new group of candidates vying for the job title and, more importantly, the privilege of being the next President of the United States. This is a position which deserves respect regardless of who is charge.  After all, this is a person who is responsible for the future of our nation’s well-being.  Over the last several months, I have watched candidates leave the race, while the remaining candidates debate who is better than the other, or whose poll numbers are higher, none of which will provide resolution for our nation’s issues.

A few good points have been mentioned here and there throughout this presidential race that caught my attention, but that’s about it. I wonder if, as some pundits have contended, the poll results will come down to the candidate individuals believe reflects the lesser of two evils.  That, too, is a frightening thought!  At times, I have thought the last year or so reflected the Wild West, at times, during campaign stops or the relentless onslaught of debates. So, this brings me to Donald Trump.  So, something Mr. Trump said during an interview on CNN with Anderson in Cooper Riverside Theater in downtown Milwaukee: caught my attention….

Here is part of the transcript directly from (CNN 2016)

COOPER:  I want to bring into the audience just a moment.  Just a last question before we do.  I’ve got to ask you about this back and forth between you and Senator Cruz about wives.

After saying that you were going to spill the beans about Heidi Cruz, you retweeted an unflattering picture of her next to a picture of your wife.

TRUMP:  I thought it was a nice picture of Heidi.  I thought it was fine.

COOPER:  Come on.

TRUMP:  I thought it was fine.  She’s a pretty woman.

COOPER:  You’re running for president of the United States.

TRUMP:  Excuse me, I didn’t start it.  I didn’t start it.

COOPER:  But, sir, with all due respect, that’s the argument of 5-year-old.

TRUMP:  No, it’s not.

COOPER:  The argument of a 5-year-old is he started it.

TRUMP:  You would say that.  That’s the problem with our country.

COOPER:  Every parent knows a kid who says he started it.

TRUMP:  That’s not a 5-year-old.

Excuse.  No, no, no.  That’s the problem.  Exactly that thinking is the problem this country has.  I did not start this.  He sent out a picture and he knew very well it was a picture…


Now what caught my attention was the debate over whether a 5-year old would say “he started it,” and more importantly, the last response beginning with “excuse”…. Hmm… Then, the response is followed by “That’s the problem. Exactly that thinking is the problem this country has.”  To me, that sentence opened a can of worms, and could be (mis)interpreted in a variety of ways.  I wonder what Mr. Trump meant by his comments to Mr. Cooper.  Is he positing that American voters will take the easy way out when voting because they are looking for an excuse and that the reliance on excuses is what is wrong with our society?  Or, was this more useless rhetoric from an already nauseating campaign? Furthermore, what if everyone just stopped voting? Of course this would be something that wouldn’t happen…. What do you think?

Anyone have an answer to this question?  I am all ears and listening….

See you in the next post!


Author: The Ordinary Compass

Hello and welcome to this collection of anecdotes from my years of ordinary moments and timeless memories. I try to share a positive message, as well as lessons learned which have helped me appreciate life. Sometimes, all it takes is a simple (positive) gesture. I write in the hope that I can make a difference and you as the reader will also see the possibilities that surround you, and as well that the little things do make a big difference. I’m originally from New Jersey, have traveled and lived on both the east and west coasts, and have happily been a Virginia resident for more than ten years. I have been married for over ten years; my wife is my anchor and has kept my compass correct. I have always been an individual who likes the outdoors. I like taking my time to think about the outcomes of situations. I enjoy philosophy and love science. I am no stranger to high adrenaline activities and love everything that revolves around water. Thank you for stopping by and feel free to comment, re-blog (with credit), or just read along! –Robert Konz. The Ordinary Compass: Original photographs and writings are the copyright and property of Robert Konz, and may not be used without permission.

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