The man is crying

The heart of the old man turning the page

Get to the heart

Scream out

The young know no better

Always looking for approval

Searching for something

The young know no better

Playing the odds

Playing the games

Learning (Hopefully)

Striving (Hopefully)

Understanding the why (Hopefully) in time



The young and the old

We all are one

Lost in thought

Lost in memerioes

New beginnings

Old ways

Strangers we all are

A thread

A connection

Blow my mind

Collide into my dreams

No screams

Gentle reminders

The young soon become the old







Shooting star

Full moon

Shooting stars

The Milky Way

The Small Dipper

The Big Dipper

Full moon tonight

Shooting stars into my heart

The world spins around

The hand lays into mine

A shooting star across the nights sky

Full moon tonight

Shooting stars into my heart

Into the night

Into the night

The stars guide the way

Full moon tonight

Shooting stars into my heart

Time stops

No clocks

The hand lays into mine

No words

Nobody but us

Shooting stars into my heart

Full moon


The Hole

What do you say to the individual who has no purpose, or seeks to make the lives of others miserable due to a void in her or his own life?  Do you entertain the negativity, lies, and games? What do you say to the person who is always asking whether you are okay, and the question is not motivated by actual concern, but rather, yet another manipulative attempt to control?   In many cases, said individual feels an emptiness that has to be filled at all costs, even at the cost of ever finding true happiness. Perhaps the individual turns to plastic surgery, or self-mutilation, or endures physical abuse, etc.  Attempting to determine “why” said individual acts in a particular way is often a never-ending process.  Why doesn’t he or she love me? I try and try and just continue to cry.

The reality for many is heart wrenching, particularly when the outcomes are less than for what one would hope in the wake of such despair. That emptiness is powerful and for many there is a never ending bottom to that hole of emptiness trying to be filled. Many individuals have reached and touched that bottom before, but the reality most times is a harsh reminder that we each have a darkness that has to be faced. Some run away, and quickly, while others grab that darkness by the throat and tear the light out of it.

Don’t Go

Don’t go

Don’t go

I watch as you continue on down the road

I run and run

My heart explodes

Absorbed in pain

I fight to hold back the tears

I am alone


Like a stone

My heart freezes





Bleeding out

Why do you leave

Why are you gone

Why are you too busy

I stop

I watch as you turn the corner

I look up

I hear the wind

I feel the pain

I am in pain

I turn around and walk away for I can not say goodbye

Broken mask

What do you say to the person with no friends

What can you tell that loved one

What tears are shed for the lost ones

What embrace is given to a open heart

What unspoken words are still buried

What does your reflection tell people

What reflections do you see in other people

What mask are you wearing today

Who is the person with no friends

Who do you tell you love

Who shed tears for you

Who embraced that open heart

Who received those unspoken words

Who is the mask reflecting

Why are you all I think about

Why can you not love me

Why don’t you see the shedding tears falling

Why does the embrace of a open heart push you away

Why do you wear that mask

Am I alsleep

Am I alive

Am I not shining bright enough

Am I not strong enough



I need to feel you

You are my light

Bring me peace

I need to hear you

You are my strength

You are my hope

Move me

You’re all I want to feel

You’re all I need to hear

I want to be near you

You stole my heart

You stole my breath

You move me

You’re all I want

My light to my soul

My love

Would you tell me how it could be any better.



The Dance

One step forward

Four steps back

One step forward

Three steps back

One step forward

Five steps back

Two steps forward

Eight steps back

One step forward

What a dance

What a life

What lessons

What have I learned

One step forward

Two steps forward

Three steps forward

Twelve steps back

One step forward

Then another

Then another

What a dance

The dance of life