Fire within

My head is pounding as if someone slammed a door into my face, a red hot needle pushing its way underneath my eyeballs and looping back around to just go through the center of my pupil for fun. So, as my eyes are bleeding with fire, my head is pulsating around like a baseball pitch machine that just keeps on shooting and hitting the wall, because the bat already broke over my skull. Shall we continue and consider the amplified sounds?  Take something simple as water running out of the faucet or someone typing on a keyboard; well those two things just became a concert in full swing roaring in your ears, on top of the aforementioned minor irritations.

Let’s move on to the lights and how everything seems to GLARE like a spotlight in your face. Hello, hell. The good stuff is next; everything spins like a bad hangover.  However, this is not a hangover, but a pulsating nightmare, one in which you want to just have someone knock you the hell out. I guess one could be creative and say everything is a 10x rule as Grant Cardone’s book expresses – i.e., give it your all and go big 10 times more than you would normally. Well, my readers, migraines are no picnic; these are lovely experiences I get to have at least three times a week; however, through all the loveliness, I still go through my day as any other.  After all, migraines are a common element in my life.

Does this sound like a fun ride? Did I mention how irritable one gets with these head pulsating, kill-me-now beams of fire shooting through my skull like a particle collider trying to locate dark matter or the spark of life? The throwing up, nauseating dry heaves where your stomach is coming out of your throat and ears is a constant in my life.  Anyway, those who have had migraines will understand; to those who never had the privilege of this experience even once, be grateful. The song from one of my all-time favorite singers, Bruce Springsteen, comes to mind when I have a migraine and it sometimes helps (Bruce Springsteen-I’m on Fire). Oh, one last detail about migraines (besides the fact that they suck) is the hot and cold sweats and even better the skin is so sensitive to touch that if you take a shower in cold water it feels like you’re boiling like a god damn lobster. There are a few more beautiful things that are associated with having a migraine, but I think you get the gist of it. So, if you are ever around individuals who have a migraine try to understand they are in a world of hurt.   I deal with that crap regularly and still maintain a basically normal life.

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The Docks

Tick – Tick

Tick – Tick

Tock – Tock

Tick -Tock

Feeling the clock

Getting your ass washed off the dock

Slipped and fell now your under my spell

Washed away with the spray

There’s no time for play

My whole life is on dispaly

Hip Hip Hooray

Now I’m on my way


Have fun people. Have a sense of humor and laugh at yourself a lot, unless your a robot.

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Pokemon Go

Genius or distraction? Well, whichever it is to you it is definitely a comedy show; there is nothing like watching the masses chasing invisible creatures on their phones. I have watched some funny scenarios unfold.  Watching people walk in circles chasing this hovering object that does not exist, even though they swear it does, is nothing short of hilarious.  But, this game can be dangerous, too, as the deaths in recent months indicate.   That car coming towards you as you search for that bouncing ball, or the train or the bus barreling towards you.  Oops, you were just woken up for that split second before your eyes went black. But hey that bobbing object is still smiling on your phone. Anyway at least it will make it easier for the criminal to be caught from that GPS location.  Forewarning to those on the run from the law….

Well, at least finally people are getting off the couches; maybe the obesity stats will drop. Maybe people will be more worried about that bouncing ball, rather than trying to kill, rob, rape, or other evil shit, and instead, head out on expeditions looking for a make-believe animated creature.

Pokemon Go, thank you for the endless stories and laughter that I have, and will continue to, gain from you.

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Tick Tock Mr. Spock

Roll the dice little mice

I’ve got the spice

I will dice, slice, and put you on ice

I can be naughty or nice

As I get older I’m even colder and bolder

Stop looking over your shoulder, your ashes are already smoldered

You may have imported it, but I am about to tap it, wrap it, then craft it.

Not everything is what it seems as your set to feel the steam.

You realizing yet you made the wrong bet as your headed for a wreck

I’m going to make you feel the sweat

You thinking about hoping on that jet

You better have it checked or you will be making a life bet

You know what time it is

Rocking to time as your listening to that wind chime

That’s not Mr. Spock with the Glock watching the clock going tick tock

That’s the spot-drip drip drop drop -I’m never going to stop

Don’t whine– Here’s a dime that I am going to bounce off your spine

You think I snapped while you were your smoking that crack

I have a baseball bat aimed at your back, so you better fly away like a little bat and don’t come back.

I honestly enjoy creating these little rhymes. They get my creative juices flowing. Plus being serious ALL the time stresses me out. If you don’t have a sense of humor, no one will want to be around you or work with you for that matter.

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The Geek Freak



Who’s got my cash

I’m a freak

I’m a geek

I’m not afraid to speak

My mind

My grind

Let’s rewind

Stolen wishes

Stolen kisses

Best wishes to all the witches sleeping in their ditches

Don’t bitch because of a little glitch in your hitch

I won’t be faded

Only elevated

I won’t become jaded from what I’ve created

Slow down you F’in clown before you get knocked to the ground

Don’t bother coming around unless you got my cash you little ass.

There’s a killer and it’s a thriller

I just hung him from the pillar

Dig me a grave so be brave

Stick me in the ground- you’re the one going down

Stick me in a hole- I’ll poke you with a pole

You can pray as you get sprayed

Smacking that crack is a sure way to get whacked

You can shoot back, but I’m already on your back

I will survive- as I say goodbye- watching you cry- while singing you a lullaby

You can scream your dream as you just saw the beam

I will be seen never leaving the scene so it has been deemed

Where’s the green before I get mean


That was fun. See you in the next post.

Head Shaker

Life is interesting, and often full of surprises; the following experience is one that made me shake my head in wonder.  While on duty, I headed outside, listening to the sound of the door locking as I stepped outside; what was I was not expecting, however, was to find four young males standing next to their parked vehicle, coincidentally parked in a no-parking zone.  Normally, this type of occurrence would not faze me; however, it soon became clear, after speaking with them, that these young men had been involved in a shooting, leaving one of them hit in the midst of the robbery.  In addition, the fact that they were blocking my vehicle also made me want to inquire as to their well-being.

When I approached them, these young men were high on adrenaline, considering the recent occurrence in their lives.  What was more important, however, was that we were able to leave skin color out of the conversation, and just speak as human beings.  These four young men were very respectful and intelligent, and just wanted to talk about what just happened to them, and have someone listen to them without any accusations. Of course they were reluctant initially, partly because I caught them off guard by walking out of the door and approaching them in a part of the parking lot where nobody should be; this put them on alert even higher than they already were, but they soon realized I was not there to further complicate their night, and I just wanted to talk with them. What had actually happened was none of my business; I believe that respect is vital in any situation, so I showed respect, and made sure they were okay, although what actually had occurred that lead to the shooting versus the explanation they provided prompted the (after-the-fact) head shaking.

I am not shaking my head with disapproval, but, more so at the potentially close call these young men experienced.  I would like to think that our very brief and positive conversation was a bright spot in a tough evening for these young men, and, after reading between the lines (and picking up on what was not verbalized in the conversation), this made me think about how our youth (of any background, economic status, etc.) need a sense of direction.  After all, I was once young and played Russian Roulette with my life more times than I choose to remember. As I have aged I have come to want that extra day, that extra time on this planet, that extra opportunity to make a difference. If any individual wants to play a game with their lives, particularly by putting themselves into a situation (such as a drug deal gone sour) in which their lives are at stake, one may be better off putting a bullet in the revolver, spinning the revolving cylinder, pulling the trigger and seeing what happens.  At least one would have the same odds of survival if death is one’s game of choice.

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The Cleaning

The Hudson Canyon is a fisherman’s dream when the fish are jumping, whether one is at the shelf running the walls 80 to 90+miles offshore, one is trolling the Texas Towers, or in the thick of the canyon 100+miles out.  It’s also a place to see some of the most amazing sunsets and sunrises, and some of nature’s best qualities. The stars, the moon, and the glow off the ocean’s surface are something which can only be described as a breath of fresh air.  I have been to some amazing locations, seen some of our nation’s most beautiful architectural marvels, but nothing beats the ocean. I keep telling my son the following single motto and my wife chuckles every time. Well, in fact, my son does as well. “The next best thing to space is the water.”  I come from a salty family. Regardless of everything I have been through the fact still remains my father and his father are true Deep Sea Captains. More than 100+ years of salt is in my blood and I am not ashamed of that fact. I have so many stories to share regarding the ocean; the latter is a classroom of some of the harshest lessons that an individual can learn.  No lies; you can be laughing one second and drowning the next.  The ocean has one rule, one that must be ingrained into anyone who ventures out into the water; that rule is respect.

On one of those trips into the canyon, I was sitting on top of the chair looking down into the cockpit at the lines spread out.  I could see nothing for miles. No land.  No other vessels.  Just the ocean.  The laughter comes and goes like the waves rolling over each other. It’s a decent day with four foot rollers, the wind blowing at a steady 12 knots, and I’m not throwing up.  I watch the endless whitecaps dance about as the crew eat and drink waiting for that “SNAP!”

The VHF is popping off with other captains and boaters engaging in their humorous banter and discussions of where the hot spots currently are.  Damn fish.  Always a waiting game and you have nothing but time while you’re on the ocean – just waiting, watching, and listening to everything around you. The music is echoing from the cockpit to the wheelhouse. The gentle mist sprays all around and your only thoughts are of estimating how long it will take to clean the boat from bow to stern and not to forget the transom.

SNAP!  Fish on… SNAP!  Fish on…  SNAP!  Fish on… Game on! Everyone is scrambling about trying to real in the other six lines.  The Captain yells to get those lines in. Three fish on and the waves of laughter are soon turned to hilarious torts of encouragement for the three on the reels. The Captain throws the throttle in reverse in five second intervals backing down to close the distance between the boat and the fish. The transom is bulldozing through the waves and the water is just plowing over the edge. What was a seemingly water-less cockpit becomes a TV show of America Ninja Water Warrior of who can stand their ground and stay on their feet while being plowed over with waves of water.

Success!  In the cockpit are three yellow fin tuna and a bunch of people whooping, hollering, and congratulating each other for the catch. Then everything goes back to the humorous banter and questions of “Where’s the beer? Where’s the beer?”  And, so it goes for the rest of the trip. So, after three hours of cleaning from the bow to the stern, including the transom, the trip plays over and over in my mind. What a great way to end the trip.

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