Fire within

My head is pounding as if someone slammed a door into my face, a red hot needle pushing its way underneath my eyeballs and looping back around to just go through the center of my pupil for fun. So, as my eyes are bleeding with fire, my head is pulsating around like a baseball pitch machine that just keeps on shooting and hitting the wall, because the bat already broke over my skull. Shall we continue and consider the amplified sounds?  Take something simple as water running out of the faucet or someone typing on a keyboard; well those two things just became a concert in full swing roaring in your ears, on top of the aforementioned minor irritations.

Let’s move on to the lights and how everything seems to GLARE like a spotlight in your face. Hello, hell. The good stuff is next; everything spins like a bad hangover.  However, this is not a hangover, but a pulsating nightmare, one in which you want to just have someone knock you the hell out. I guess one could be creative and say everything is a 10x rule as Grant Cardone’s book expresses – i.e., give it your all and go big 10 times more than you would normally. Well, my readers, migraines are no picnic; these are lovely experiences I get to have at least three times a week; however, through all the loveliness, I still go through my day as any other.  After all, migraines are a common element in my life.

Does this sound like a fun ride? Did I mention how irritable one gets with these head pulsating, kill-me-now beams of fire shooting through my skull like a particle collider trying to locate dark matter or the spark of life? The throwing up, nauseating dry heaves where your stomach is coming out of your throat and ears is a constant in my life.  Anyway, those who have had migraines will understand; to those who never had the privilege of this experience even once, be grateful. The song from one of my all-time favorite singers, Bruce Springsteen, comes to mind when I have a migraine and it sometimes helps (Bruce Springsteen-I’m on Fire). Oh, one last detail about migraines (besides the fact that they suck) is the hot and cold sweats and even better the skin is so sensitive to touch that if you take a shower in cold water it feels like you’re boiling like a god damn lobster. There are a few more beautiful things that are associated with having a migraine, but I think you get the gist of it. So, if you are ever around individuals who have a migraine try to understand they are in a world of hurt.   I deal with that crap regularly and still maintain a basically normal life.

See you in the next post!


Author: The Ordinary Compass

Hello and welcome to this collection of anecdotes from my years of ordinary moments and timeless memories. I try to share a positive message, as well as lessons learned which have helped me appreciate life. Sometimes, all it takes is a simple (positive) gesture. I write in the hope that I can make a difference and you as the reader will also see the possibilities that surround you, and as well that the little things do make a big difference. I’m originally from New Jersey, have traveled and lived on both the east and west coasts, and have happily been a Virginia resident for more than ten years. I have been married for over ten years; my wife is my anchor and has kept my compass correct. I have always been an individual who likes the outdoors. I like taking my time to think about the outcomes of situations. I enjoy philosophy and love science. I am no stranger to high adrenaline activities and love everything that revolves around water. Thank you for stopping by and feel free to comment, re-blog (with credit), or just read along! –Robert Konz. The Ordinary Compass: Original photographs and writings are the copyright and property of Robert Konz, and may not be used without permission.

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