To Think or Not to Think

20161221_160829-animationHello readers, I sit here looking at my screen deciding on the topic for today’s post. I recently returned from a great kayaking workout on December 31, 2016 and my creative juices are flowing. It’s a tradition I stick to every year regardless of weather. One thing I will continue to state is if you are going to venture out onto the water during winter months, be safe, be prepared, and be smart.  Just the other day another kayaker lost his life and this type of loss is always disheartening to hear. My sympathies go to the family of this man.  20161214_082557020161214_08280220161214_111941So, what do I write about? Money, social media, my son and his priceless expressions I get to enjoy watching, my thoughts on socially controversial topics, my future book in the editing phase, boats, planes, trains, automobiles, etc.?  Scientific innovations?  The 7 wonders of the world?  Entrepreneurship? I would like to talk about anything that may motivate someone to do something that he or she enjoys. I can sit here, yell and scream, but let’s face it.  Although I do not mind being assertive, because some need that tough love shit to get motivated, I would prefer to keep this post positive, a tint of humor, with a dash of entertainment. I guess my near death experiences could be a topic of interest? (There have been multiple experiences, and it is scary thinking about it.)  For example, think about a soft cover jeep rocketing into the exosphere only to come back down to the troposphere, with the tail slapping a tree, igniting on fire like spaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket and landing into a creek at the bottom of a cliff. That one was a mouthful. I walked away from that experience with a different perspective. We can talk about water accidents, too – i.e., hypothermia, heat exhaustion, crashes, deaths, blacking out, and my, oh my, the list goes on.  So, where does one begin to write when there are so many topics from which to choose? Just what do writers decide to write about when there are so many potential options?    What drives the writer?20161214_15192820161214_152038A thought came to mind and one of which I am confident a few readers may have experienced.  How many of you may have had at least one person tell you one of the following:  Don’t think too much; You’re overthinking it; You are thinking too much; or my favorite, Your brain must be on fire.    What the osmosis is that?   I would like to hear from the readers and their thoughts on why people might say such things. Please add them to comment box below.

I am just free writing and trying to show my sense of humor. It’s a new year and new possibilities.

I would like to think that there are plenty of individuals on this planet that think about everything or whatever factor that piques their interest, and especially if it benefits not just oneself, but others as well?  Consider the term “think tank”.  People get paid for thinking and who wouldn’t want to be paid for thinking on multiple levels? Now, the likelihood that each of these individuals has a degree (or multiple degrees) is high, but what about those without a degree who are paid for using a skill that think tanks love? If someone has a talent, or capability to brainstorm with certain given subject matters for which companies or entities pay, should these individuals be allowed to use their gift even without paper credentials?  What do you think?   I’m curious to hear your thoughts.20161214_16130020161216_120024Here is another question. Do our memories become opportunities for reflection during certain times? Do we as humans continuously think about some topic regardless of anything we might try to do not to think? I kayak to do just that and sometimes kayak for longer durations than other kayaking workouts, but I know I am still thinking, using my brain, my frontal lobe working together with the motor and sensory cortexes, shaking hands with the broca’s area so I can write this post with some humor. I want to think. I enjoy thinking. I want to use my brain. I want to learn. I want to continue growing and utilizing that muscle. I would like to think that others would as well. We are all students in this life; in my opinion we all continue learning daily.20161219_17061520161231_083241I guess I found something to write about after all, because I just keep on typing. The brain. I love it. Just the term, “brain,” is intriguing.  What an unbelievable organ we each possess and yet so many people take for granted how vulnerable we really are when it comes to our brains.  The following example made me scratch my head, however.  One day, while hanging out with a few individuals, the subject of due process in the court of law, particularly, the topic of torture, whether sanctioned or not, became the topic of conversation, particularly where we each stood on this subject.  The person who initiated this subject matter opened a can of worms with this topic, because no one wanted to talk about it and when he asked what my position on this matter was he almost started a fist fight with me when he heard my response, simply because my response was not what he wanted to hear.  He immediately became confrontational.  How ironic considering the question he posed!  The good vibes in the area completely vanished as he, the originator of the question, became agitated from the logical responses I provided – prior to being interrupted by his temper. Have you ever watched a minnow swimming in a small cup? The minnow is in a small cup bouncing and flopping around.  Interestingly enough, we barely spoke after that day – purely over a difference in perspective for a question he posed to the group.  The others in the group were reticent on the topic, but I firmly believe in speaking my mind, particularly if someone opens the door on a topic which interests should cherish our freedom of speech, my readers.  If you ask a question, particularly one that is on a complex and highly-emotional topic, you better be prepared for an answer. Did I think too deeply on this post? About what shall I write next? After today we have another 363 days of learning to go for this year.

See you in the next post.

May your 2017 be a good






The principle of the matter:

You’re young and lost, but there are certain principles that you have ingrained into your soul from witnessing nonsense; as a result, you create your own set of rules for survival and stick by them. One of those seems relatively “common sense” to me:  never lay your hands on a woman – other than via the (positive) bonds of intimacy.  There are a few things that really piss me off and a grown man hitting a woman out of frustration is something that just shouldn’t happen. Walk away if you are that angry. This single act of walking away takes very little effort. Rocky, this one is for you!

I recall an event prior to my 21st birthday; it was a day like any other – dealing with inebriated patrons at the bar.  I finally have a chance to take a break to catch a bite, and what do I see?  A 200+ pound grown man handling a woman in a manner that is just unacceptable. Now one would figure with the 30+ other people sitting in this bar watching this scene unfold at least someone would say something. Not a damn one.  That attitude is not uncommon; it’s not their business, so why get involved as another person is being abused in such a manner. I remember standing up when the woman walks outside, only to be followed by her abuser; the woman was visibly upset.  Without hesitating, I followed the “couple” outside and, speaking only to the woman, asked if she were okay, knowing the answer I would receive would be in the affirmative even though that clearly was not the case.   I also knew full well there was going to be one of two outcomes from this situation: harm to me or potential death. Redirecting the abuser’s anger towards me instead of her was the goal and I succeeded.

So I start walking towards this man, one who easily outweighed me; the only advantage I had on him was I was sober, smaller, and faster, so Mohammed Ali’s theme was ringing in my head, “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.” As we approach one another, it was clear this was a man on a mission; I was focused, but also scared shitless.  Just before we met here comes Rocky (retired Vietnam veteran mentioned in previous blogs) flying out of the door; he intervenes, tells me, “I got you,” and orders me to leave the scene. This was a man with the biggest heart one could ever have; I still miss him. I never did find out what happened to the abuser, but knowing someone had my back when I least expected meant more to me than any amount of money.

Well, after that day I never saw that guy again; at least the story had a positive outcome in that the woman left her abuser.  To this day I still think about that single moment, and I still see her smile every so often.  Every time I see a news story about abuse, I remember this event.  No one and I mean no one, male or female, should be abused – and especially in such a way that they feel like they are nothing. So, for those individuals who feel it is their prerogative to abuse their partner, walk away. Go for a run or something.

See you in the next post!