Chasing a Dream: One Wave at a Time


Clarification: My goal is to race from VA to NJ on a Waverunner (jetski) to raise awareness and money for a anti-bullying campaign.

Chasing a Dream: One Wave at a Time

I am fortunate to have enjoyed observing the advancements in personal water crafts over the past three decades; my fascination with jet skis began at the age of fifteen, leading to a role as a jet ski instructor in New Jersey in my late teens and early twenties. Growing up in a water-loving family created a lifelong love of the water, and jet skis served a dual purpose: fueling my teenage interest in speed, to be perfectly frank, and providing an opportunity to travel from Points A to B with the benefit of observing nature along the way. In recent years, I have searched for ways to share this enthusiasm with others, and more importantly, combine that love of jet skis and the water with a philanthropic component. My career has predominantly involved the security sector, which has afforded me the opportunity to assist others on multiple occasions, and made me increasingly aware of the necessity of support for those in need. Philanthropic campaigns to assist at-risk youth and “stomp out” bullying have always drawn my support, and social responsibility themes, particularly in terms of respecting human rights, are appealing to me.


It has been stated, “No one person can change the world, but we can each do our part.”


I live in Virginia Beach, Virginia. I began the process of planning this endeavor two decades ago, but when life became very busy at the turn of the century, I put this goal on hold, hoping to reach a point in life where I could resume a dream of combining my passion for jet skis and philanthropic causes. I do not want to regret anything in life, as that is not how I want to leave this planet, nor do I want to be false when telling others to go for their dreams when I have not finished fulfilling mine.

I want my son to look at his dad and say, feel, and/or think I am proud or tell his friends, “That’s my dad!”. I never want him to feel ashamed or bullied for fighting for a positive cause in which he believes. I would like for my son to know that he can overcome and reach his star in the sky regardless of obstacles in his path.

I genuinely believe in people’s ability to change the world into something better. I believe each one of us has the ability to create a canvas unique to each of us to share with the world and guide someone who has yet to find their unique way of letting their canvas to be expressed.

Too many young adults leave our planet before they even start living; many never have the opportunity to attain their goals and dreams. Bullying needs to stop across the board and our youth’s self-esteem needs to grow. If just one thing can spark a child’s dream, then why not give them something for which to strive other than the correctional facility or worse, a life ended before even starting?

So, what is this dream that I intend to fulfill? My goal is to navigate a personal water craft (jet ski) from Virginia Beach to Brick, New Jersey to show to our youth that no matter how much someone or something holds one back, or how degraded one feels, that it is possible to leave the darkness behind. It is possible to stand up for themselves, and there are people on this planet who do understand, and want them to pursue their goals, reach for the stars, and persevere no matter how many times they are knocked down.

So, what is the purpose of this funding campaign? Funds received will go towards the jet ski trip from Virginia Beach to Brick, NJ. During this campaign, I will also be actively seeking support from anti-bullying organizations as I attempt to fulfill my dream, and raise funds for anti-bullying efforts in the process. Thank you for the support and donations towards not only fulfilling my dream, but supporting a vital cause.


The breakdown of costs will be going towards the following:

·         A large percentage is going to the anti-bullying campaign and stomp out bullying initiative $5000.00+

·         Technical Advisors:  i.e. mechanics, ”Paid Licensed Captains” stationed vessels  along the route for refuel, safety checkpoints, support, and EMT’s, possible medical doctor  $3000.00+

·         Partial amount will go towards the Personal Water Craft for this undertaking for safety reasons.

·         Go-Pro cameras for documenting the trip $500+

·         Music and video support- media consultant for website, maintaining, creating, editing, and producing multiple short clip videos, picture collages, a documentary video, YouTube Channel, and publications related to this campaign.  3000.00+

·         Personal safety equipment that is not already available: i.e.- Emergency locator, helmet, more flares, smoke,  extra VHF long range two way radio $1500.00+

·         Everyone who contributes towards this endeavor will receive something regardless of how small or large of a donation. $2000.00+ in give a ways.

·         Your names, organizations, or businesses will be added to the overall documentary: If permission is granted.

·         All donors will be mentioned if permission is granted

·         Paper supplies

·         Ink

·         Card Stock

·         Envelopes

·         Thank You Cards for everyone who is involved


Clarification: My goal is to race from VA to NJ on a Waverunner (jetski) to raise awareness and money for a anti-bullying campaign.

Home is where the heart is

Home is where the heart is

Home is where the heart is:

Let’s talk about what “home” entails. What does “home” mean for each of us? Is it the definition that is provided by multiple dictionaries or institutions? The OED (2016) defines “home” as “The place where one lives permanently,” or the one I like the best, “A place where something flourishes is most typically found, or from which it originates.” The most basic internet search for the definition of what “home” means produces many different interpretations, many of which are interesting and on point. Although these are great definitions I personally consider home as where you live every second of your life. Where would this be? Your heart and your mind are the only places where you truly live, so unless one is willing to look inside oneself, one will never be truly home.

We each harbor anger and pain; both can guide us through certain facets of our life; there are times when one needs to be angry, within limits. Being angry doesn’t mean one should go out and destroy everything in sight or want to fight everyone and anyone, as this will only cause more issues. Imagine walking around New York City (one of my favorite cities) at 1am in Greenwich Village as an angry teenager or twenty-something. You see a homeless man and he looks at you funny, so being young, full of testosterone and just looking to fight someone you engage. What are you staring at? The homeless man lets the young man do his stare down and forward advances of intimidation tactics, and then the homeless man talks. The older gentleman has the young man sit down and they talk.

What does this particular situation have to do with home? This man had nothing but the streets, but in his mind and heart he was home, because regardless of living conditions he was home in his heart. So, what was the lesson to the young man? The two men talked about life and then the teacher showed the young man how quickly he could have lost everything in a blink of an eye. He reminded him that everything one says or does has repercussions and sometimes those repercussions have deadly consequences.

So, ask yourself: What does your home mean to you?


See you in the next post!

The mountain bike

The mountain bike

The mountain bike:

“I was dyslexic, I had no understanding of schoolwork whatsoever. I certainly would have failed IQ tests. And it was one of the reasons I left school when I was 15 years old. And if I – if I’m not interested in something, I don’t grasp it.” (Richard Branson)

Why did I pick this quote? Well, it’s me in a nutshell. I grew up in an interesting environment, so I tried to focus on a few select sports, and/or activities that made sense to me. This all goes back to I don’t like too many sports and the sports that I do like either will kill you, severely mess you up, or knock the shit out of you. Mountain biking is one of those types of sports that will do just that.

I enjoy promoting these types of sports. I have been off the trails and the ramps for more than six months, but the memories are fresh as the dirt kicking up as you are sliding around a berm or hearing a few bones crack. Some humor. However, my wife would not agree in seeing the humor in this.

I have met a lot of awesome people through the types of sports I love. I have also met a lot of individuals who are less enthusiastic about the passion, love and/or promoting these types of sports. That just goes with anything in life; there are at times a few broken spokes along your travels.

Every so often a broken spoke would come along in my travels and these two questions were always asked: What are you doing here? Why are you here? I would always reply mountain biking. Simple enough, right? If you have ever ridden, you know when there is a broken spoke; the entire rim is bent out of shape. Best try to just steer clear of entertaining any broken spokes.

I purchased my Gary Fisher around 10 years ago, upgraded just about everything on the bike over the years. I broke just about everything on it during my ventures. I try to take care of what have, regardless of how old it is. This bike might be old, but it is strong and sturdy; it takes a pounding and just keeps on rolling. One’s bike for the purpose of this blog is an extension of the rider and sometimes the rider itself. I’ve broken a few ribs, fingers, and a collarbone, and received a few bumps and bruises over the years, but that goes with what I was doing on my bike.

Some favorite quotes to end today’s entry:

“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.” (Maya Angelou)

“Create your own visual style… let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others.”   (Orson Welles)

“In matters of style, swim with the current; in matters of principle, stand like a rock.” (Thomas Jefferson)

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Kayaking Adventures: Marvels of Nature part II

Kayaking Adventures: Marvels of Nature part II

I thought I would share something I wrote a while back. As I stated on one of my Instagram photographs, growing up in a household practicing two faiths allows me to see things from a different perspective. So, I tend to put a lot of my beliefs into what I try to capture, portray and share with everyone.

Kneeling down before my soul

do I pray, do I pray, do I pray

Please show passion upon the scared.

Please teach the lesson.

do I pray, do I pray, do I pray

Please keep holding my hand.

Please show truth.

do I pray, do I pray, do I pray

Please guide my light as always

Please make the light burn

do I pray, do I pray, do I pray

Kneeling down before my soul


This is me kayaking the other day in the Atlantic waters taking photographs of the oceanfront surf breaking off the jetty and trying to capture that moment when the spray rips away off the lip of the curl/tube, just before it breaks.  The air temperature was around 68-70 degrees, with a slight breeze of 8-10 knots, the water temperature was around 53 degrees. (If you go out on the water during the fall or winter months, ALWAYS prepare and use gear for the water temperatures and not the air temperatures. Your safety should be your number one priority no matter what.)

The spray of the water coming off of the ocean was a gentle mist; I always remind myself that we are at the mercy of the ocean and respect is to be shown. The swell was around 3 to 4 feet, and 5 to 7 feet at the break, which had the power to crush my 9 foot kayak into the jetty like a train hitting a car if I didn’t show respect.

Then I heard what sounded like a soda bottle releasing its contents after being shaken less than 15 feet away from my starboard side. A Dolphin surfaced and blew water out of the blowhole. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, a school of Dolphins appeared, swimming past my kayak, leaving me just sitting there in awe.

I was very comfortable around these amazing and intelligent marine mammals. I look at the environment and 90% of the time I am in a state of awe with what I see and this again was no exception. I get to see things that a majority of people do not get a chance to see, so I take pictures to share these moments.

Thank you and see you at the next post.

Hello, blog readers!

Hello, blog readers!

It is possible you may have stumbled upon my blog as a result of Instagram, so thank you for joining me on my venture into the world of blogging.  The blog posts you will read here will contain the view of the world that I capture through the lens, as well as my musings – lovingly interpreted into blog-appropriate prose by my wife.
This is me – a purposely-hazy photo…
My wife captured this photo last spring in a stance not uncommon to a photographer.
So, what kind of content can you expect?  Similar to the Photo A Day challenge, my goal is to share a photo or two in a weekly blog post, as well as my thought process behind the photo.  I often view photos and wonder about the photographer’s perspective.  Yes, I am able to form my own opinion, but sometimes it is interesting to hear about the artist’s process, so that is what I will share here.  Random musings, photography business photo shoots, and my thoughts on the world through my camera lens will be the theme.
Thank you for stopping by!
                                                          A preview of future content:

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